Here are some of my favorite resources for writers and editors.

  • I have been a member of Chicago Women in Publishing for over 25 years. Membership benefits include career development seminars, job listings, a freelance directory, and a newsletter that features the latest developments in the publishing industry. Check out the comprehensive section on self-publishing in their resource archives.

  • The Editorial Freelancers Association offers extensive resources for publishing professionals, including books, online courses, and events around the country.

  • The University of Chicago Press features essential books for writers, editors, and publishers:
  • The Slot: A Spot for Copy Editors by Bill Walsh is an entertaining and informative site that features The Curmudgeon's Stylebook, "an opinionated and thorough guide to the many things that can go wrong in print."

  • Guide to Grammar and Writing dedicated to Charles Darling is a comprehensive site with many good links.

  • Grammar Education Resource Guide is a comprehensive learning guide for students and teachers.

  • Puzzled by those pesky possessives and plurals? The Apostrophe Protection Society explains it all. You'll enjoy their collection of examples of apostrophe abuse.

  • Visit Common Errors in English Usage to check that phrase that doesn't sound quite right. This is the site of Paul Brians, professor of English at Washington State University.

  • If you like to read inspirational and entertaining stories, or want to try your hand at writing them, you'll enjoy Faith, Hope and Fiction. Founded by writer and speaker Patricia Crisafulli, this site features short stories, poetry, essays, and author interviews submitted by readers. People of all beliefs are welcome and the content is totally free.

  • For a contrarian view, you'll enjoy June Casagrande's blog. June is the author of Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies, in which she takes on the experts and attempts to make arcane grammar rules understandable to the average reader. Her latest book, It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences, offers good advice on improving your writing skills.

  • If you're interested in etymology along with some good writing and editing tips, take a look at Tom Gillispie's TG Editor blog. He always has something worthwhile to say.

  • Copyediting offers a wealth of resources for editors, including a job board an online training modules. Browse among their many offerings.

  • The OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab features resources for writers at all levels, including college students and ESL learners. Included are the MLA and APA style guides, particularly useful for writing research papers, as well as a guide for writing effective resumes.

  • Writer and editor Jane Friedman offers excellent advice for writers on getting your work published.

  • Take a look at The Freelance Effect for a variety of resources for freelancers.

  • Translation Services
      Capita Translation and Interpreting offers translation services by human translators for 140 languages and all types of documents.
      All Translation Services provides language solution for over 130 languages. Their language solution includes translation, interpretation, transcription, desktop publishing, proofreading and editing, and language typing services.






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